Freshers must read

Thank you for joining Kung Fu Fitness Club (KFFC), we hope your commitment not just to the club but also to yourself, we are ready to train you to achieve your goals, are you ready?

Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing.

The Benefits of Kung Fu Fitness training include:
-Physical health and fitness, stress release
-Improved self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline
-Improved focus, attention, flexibility and impulse control
-Emotional well being, through the camaraderie of working with fellow students on a common goal
-Spiritual well being, which comes from the non-violent philosophy of martial arts, and from the importance of a martial artist's duty to others.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to help you keep fit and learn practical self defence at the same time. You will learn to appreciate all style of martial arts with mutual respect. In addition, you will also learn Chinese language.

At KFFC we train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the mind, the spirit and strength.

Action = Reaction

No pain no gain!

To perfect your Kung Fu, you need to follow 3 steps: I suggest you all focus on first and second steps.

1. Form
2. Power
3. Speed

At Kung Fu Fitness, we instills the three safeties of training:
1. Safety for yourself
2. Safety for others around you
3. Safety for the partner with whom you are training
Any unsafe behaviour or situation should not and will not be tolerated.

In order to improve your flexibility, you need to do stretching exercise everyday along with balance healthy diet (Eat more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables). If you want to lose weight or have any questions, speak to instructor for advice. Let’s make friends and have fun with Kung Fu lesson.
Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).