Group lessons, Testimonials

I had never done a martial art before I went to Kung Fu, so I really didn't know what to expect. I have found it both challenging and enjoyable, giving you all round body work. in addition I have found that learning the skills has improved my concentration and my confidence. if you want a new challenge, learn new skills and you want a break from the mundaity of the gym, I would definitely recommend it.


I've found Kung Fu fitness to be a great way to improve flexibility and balance, learn self defense techniques that really work and meet open minded, fun people who help you challenge yourself.


Kung Fu Fitness is a great way to get fit while learning traditional martial arts techniques. The classes are fun and keep you entertained.


The lessons with Sawbwa have been excellent. I mainly wanted a form of exercise and learned great work outs and stretching exercises. We've learned a load of moves too and Bando is a great, practical style. The classes have been fun and I've met lots of cool people. The environment has been relaxed and informal but serious enough to learn something useful and push me to improve. I've never been so flexible! Probably the best thing I can say is that after classes I've always felt great. However I felt when I started I always finished on a high and happy (and a little sweaty!). I've really enjoyed the introduction to martial arts but can't imagine any other lessons could be the same.


I have been practising martial arts for 6 years. I must admit, I though I was fit and flexible till I attended Kung Fu Fitness. After half an hour warming up, I was struggling to keep up with the rest. It was hard work but I learned so much in one month compare to one year I did in the past. If you serious about real combat techniques, I would strongly recommend you to have a go with Kung Fu Fitness.


I was really un-fit and work long office hours. Not fancy going to the Gym either. I have always wanted to learn martial arts and I came across Kung Fu Fitness on Gumtree, saying…Tailor made Kung Fu Fitness lesson…losing excess weight, increasing muscle mass, stress release, flexibility, improving stamina, and understanding of self-defence techniques. Wow…. That’s what I was looking for so I decided to give it a go. I have never done any martial art in my life so I was quite nervous. Luckily Shifu Sawbwa was really patient, explain every move,encourage and motivate me all the way. Shifu was right “No pain, no gain” Just after 4 months, not only I can see significant changes to my body shape, I also felt much happier than before.


Kung Fu Fitness was absolutely brilliant. I have been practising all kind of martial arts for nearly 12 years and it wasn’t easy to come across a Shifu with real combat experience. Indeed, it was easy, efficient and effective to learn from Kung Fu Fitness.


Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).