GUUi interviewed Joel Spencer

How did you join, and what does being in the club involve?

I saw a poster around the campus and thought this would be a perfect way to improve my flexibility and accompany my other exercise. Each session involves yoga and some tai chi, martial arts techniques and also practical self defence techniques

How did your club get on last year?

As this is a brand new club this year, at the moment we’re running on a per-session basis as we need to stabilise numbers before we can request funding from the university. It’s £5 per two hour session to cover venue hire and instructor, which is currently on a Tuesday 6-8pm in the GUU Dining Room. So far we’re just a small club so there’s a really good atmosphere amongst us.

What can we expect to see from your club over the coming year?

If we get a good turnout in this term then we can look for university funding which will mean we can pass on those savings to students, get specialised equipment and look into starting another session for more advanced students who are interested in sparring and competitions. Later in the year there will be opportunities for inter-club competitions and also events with other universities.

Is there any skill level required to join?

The club caters for all levels of students; so it doesn’t matter if you’re more adept at yoga then kick boxing as because Kung Fu Fitness incorporates moves and techniques from a variety of martial arts it’s able to cater for almost everyone who’s interested in exercise and relaxation. Whether you’re into weight lifting and want to develop your flexibility, learn to protect yourself from attackers or want to take up something that’s great for your physical and mental well being then Kung Fu Fitness is a great all round workout.

What is the social side of the club like?

So far we’ve had regular nights out and social events at the club. During the summer we went to the Highland Games, the Olympic medals ceremony, Movie Nights as well as more traditional nights out around the west end. We’re all pretty open minded so we’ll have a go at most things so any new students are welcome to suggest night out ideas.

What makes your club unique?

The combination of martial arts being taught is based on Master Sawbwa’s experiences of training in various countries. It combines Yoga stretching for fitness and mixed martial arts for self-defence. When we say self-defence it is real and practical self defence with attacks ranging from unarmed to armed attacks, multiple opponents, common object training and firearm defence. In addition, we also learn meditation and Chinese language skills.

What is your most memorable moment since joining the club?

Lots of little things really, the first time I managed to kick above my head (I’m 6’3” so this was no mean feet), the calming atmosphere and generally finding a club that’s prepared to show you just how martial arts apply to the real world.

Sum up your club in five words.

Flexible, Intense, Friendly, Dynamic, Fun
Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).