Seminars, Testimonials

It was great working with you. You did a great job. Thanks very much really appreciate that and of course we will bare you in mind if we have any other events.

Tom Lovegrove
Account Executive (Sony Ericsson)

"Kung fu session was a motivating, informative and enjoyable workshop that got everyone up onto their feet and joining in an excellent learning experience that mixed physical activity with social studies and history"

Lorna Mansley
Project Coordinator
Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre

"Glasgow Caledonian University recently hosted a demonstration of Tai Chi and Martial Arts performed by Kung Fu Fitness (KFF). This demonstration was part of a university festival of Chinese culture held during November 2008. We were thoroughly impressed by KFF skills, athleticism and knowledge. What was also noticeable was how much fun and self confidence could be gained from getting involved in the whole range of activities that Aldrich promotes. These include Bando Kick boxing, self-defence techniques and yoga with benefits covering stress release, weight loss and improving your strength, flexibility and stamina. If you want to see some great martial art performances then these guys are excellent at what they do and come highly recommended."

Declan Jones
Head of Widening Access & Community Engagement
Glasgow Caledonian University

Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).