Fast track to black belt

Many students ask us some sort of variation of this question. Some ask how long it takes to earn a black belt. Some ask how long before they feel like they can apply the Kung Fu we teach in self defence. Some ask how long they need to train before they start learning weapons.

No matter how the question is phrased or what the ultimate goal is, the answer is always the same - it depends. It depends on how hard you train. It depends on how much you practice. It depends on how coachable you are. It depends on how well you can deal with obstacles and setbacks (because we all have them).

The bottom line is that training in Kung Fu, or any martial art for that matter, is a lifelong journey (To be a martial artist is a way of life, both mental and physical). If you’re always looking for the finish line, you’re missing the point. It’s great to train with goals in mind, but training goals should be short-term and attainable; mastery is certainly not.

Kung Fu study is like study medicine (takes time), before you become a consultant or a specialist you need to learn all the basic to become a GP first, through years of practice and further study will lead you to next level.

My advice to anyone wondering ‘how long before I…’ is to just train hard and enjoy the journey because the further along on the path you get, the more you realize that there is no finish line.

So is there any fast track to black belt?
Yes, just go and buy one, but you will be part of so-called martial artists’.

Traditionally there are no belt system in Chinese Martial Arts, only how much you know. You have to earn discipleship (Kung Fu Family and brotherhood) from your master (Sifu), any senior student you will address them as senior brother or sister and any student joined after you will become your junior brother or sister (regardless of age). Historic shows in time some junior have better skills than their senior, just because they train harder or good at learning. Sifu teach different system to disciple according to his or her interest, physical strength and weakness. e.g some might specialize in grappling and pressure points (Chin Na) and etc... First Belt system is developed in recent history in order to transform martial arts into sport. Each martial art system have their own belt system.

Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).