Formula 1 and Martial Arts

Many students have asked me is this martial art system is better than this one or that one?

In order to win in Formula 1, Racing driver depend on a smashing Car, So does car depend on a smashing driver. If a racing driver lose the race do you blame the car or driver or both. e.g BMW, Ferrari and etc... is rubbish or Mr Driver is rubbish.

So does in martial arts, car is like the art you are performing e.g Karate, Kick boxing, Kung Fu and etc...
Racing driver is like martial artist who represent his or her chosen art.

In car, no matter how good is the car, if you put a bad driver, he or she will not win. Same in martial arts, no matter how good is the art, if you put a bad martial artist to perform or compete he or she will not win.

So it wouldn't be fair to say, Karate can not win Aikido and Aikido can not win Kung Fu and etc...
A good car needs a good driver and a good martial art system needs a good martial artist.

So rather focus on wining the fight, you have to win yourself first!
Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).