BBC Documentaries are making a 60' film for BBC Two about contemporary British family life. We are looking for families who are about to embark upon a journey together this summer. This would probably be a family holiday but I am also interested in any family making a substantial journey together over the coming months (At least 2-3 hours in the car to make it work). I am interested in including a British - Chinese family in the programme and would like to hear from anyone who might want to hear more at this stage.

In terms of the kind of people we are looking for, they need to be enthused by the idea of having a documentary made about them and to want to tell their stories! I think it will be a lasting document and intend to make it beautiful. We want to capture different aspects of British life. It is part of a unique documentary strand on the BBC whose reason for existing is to capture life as it is. The film will be a portrait of different types of families and I think that it would be wonderful to be able to portray a family of Chinese heritage who have chosen to live in Britain (whether they are first, second or third generation). We want to show some of the diversity of experiences that families have in the UK.

If you'd like to hear more about the project don't hesitate to email Marco Crivellari on or call him on 0208 008 2862
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