London Riots Survival Guide!

This is not riots anymore, this is burglary in broad daylight. Below are a few survival tips for  you to stay away from those young thugs.


When you out and about look far ahead try to avoid crowded places. If you are in a shop or sit in a restaurant try to sit away from the window and entrance, incase some thugs broke in, you don't want broken glass shower on you. Bring below items with you...

Bottle of Water
In case you get caught in riots, you can wash your eyes from smoke and tear gas! As well as prevent dehyrdation. Pull your shirt up to cover your nose in the event of smoke and tear gas!

Good running shoes
So you can run as fast as you can!

Good strong Umbrella
For lovely English weather as well as use as a weapon if someone tries to mug you.Only if you know how to fight, otherwise let them mug would be a safe option. Remember your life is far more important then those scumbags. Not worth to risk your life.

Very useful if group of thugs want to get close to you. And again you need to know how to apply them safely, otherwise you might hurt yourself. Same with other items such as scarf, jacket, keys, coins, wallet and etc...

Get up to date news, so you know where to avoid if you have to go out.

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