Kung Fu & Combat Bando Grading Mon 24th Oct

Kung Fu and Combat Bando Grading will take place on Mon 24th Oct 2011

Children : 6-7pm (£10)
Adults : 7-9pm (£20)

You must wear club uniform and sparring gears in order to do grading. This is your chance to proof that you got what it takes to be a real martial artist and ready for next level challenge.

Grading will look into Forms, Balance, Power, Control, Self Defence applications, Sparring and philosophy side will ask you history and language. As well as military Fitness test. To pass you need to have minimum of 60 points.

Make sure you are mentally and physically prepare for the test! After all  you earn this respect in martial arts world. 
Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).

E- info@kungfufitness.co.uk

W- http://www.kungfufitness.co.uk/