Thaing Byaung Byan Shan Combat Martial Arts

Thaing Byaung Byan (reversed form of thaing) in Myanmar is a unique fighting art of mysterious origin. Generally, the name U Maung Lay is closely associated to this method. It was said that his master Saya Che (Sawbwa's bodyguard) came down from Northern Shan state and taught only 3 students, the youngest was U Maung Lay and he became founder of Thaing Byaung Byan group in Myanmar. Unique philosophy that differ in many ways from other fighting arts in Myanmar. The moves and the training patterns are remarkably different from other methods found in Myanmar.
Thaing Byaung Byan also known as Khu-Kar-Chant in Shan language meaning "Reversed Thaing" is the Jujitsu of Burmese martial arts. Students and teachers of Thaing Byaung Byan usually wear traditional shan dress. Thaing Byaung Byan technique is known to be very effective in close quarter combats. The history of this technique is told to be originated in Shan State Kanbawza palace.

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