Bando at Naval Academy

Grandmaster Sayagyi/Sensei/ Mr. Robert ‘Bob’ Maxwell is one of the original 18 Black Belt members of the American Bando Association, who were initiated and promoted to the 1st Level of Instructorship in 1968. He was the Chairperson for the ABA at its inception, and presided for over a decade. He personally was largely responsible for the rapid rise in the development, popularity and recognition of Burmese Bando in America during the 1960’s & 70’s. Bob is also a Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate-do, a Brown Belt in Judo, and a Combat Handguns instructor. For two years he served as an Armed & Unarmed Combat Tactics instructor for the Saudi & Jordanian Royal Guards, and the Air Defense & Special Forces teams. He has been an avid Martial Arts practicioner and instructor for over fifty (50) years.

Over the years he earned a stellar reputation as a Full Contact Karate/Kickboxing competitor and coach, and became a highly sought after referee for National & World Professional Karate & Kickboxing Championship bouts. He has trained with, competed with, refereed for, and developed Life long friendships with World Class martial arts personalities such as Dr. Maung Gyi, Dr. Robert Hill, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, and many/many others. He is a Master Saya/Teacher of the Thaing/Bando Hand-to-Hand Combatives Hard style, the Middle ‘Empty Hand Forms’ style, the Banshay Burmese Weapons style, and the Lethwei/Barefist Kickfighting style. He is one of the most informed ABA instructors on the history, philosophies, theories, skills, strategies, and tactics of Burmese Bando.

Additionally, Bob has extensive knowledge of, and experience in Law Enforcement; as he was formerly an agent and Special Tactics instructor for the United States Secret Service, and for the FBI, as well as a civilian Police Officer, a Private Investigator, Polygrapher, was a Medical Corpsman in the United States Navy, and is an honored Vietnam Veteran. Today, he has retired to live at Bethany Beach, DE, with his wife Linda and son Scott, and still travels frequently to present seminars on Thaing/Bando and special combat tactics training. He is presently an 8th Level Bando Black Belt, and is one of the highest ranking instructors in the ABA.

Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).