Why not to fight while learn to kill?

Many students asked me why they are not allow to fight or use the martial skills outside Wu Guan (Dojo in Japanese). When I was at their age I asked the same questions to my Masters. 
Because traditional martial arts (TMA) is lethal in every block and attack, strike to kill with single blow. Great strength comes with great responsibility and understanding. All martial arts learn to control balance, power and speed. Thus we can control anger. In other words ‘self control and endurance’ true martial artist can endure pain both mentally and physically. True spirit of martial artist is gaining the strength not to fight! All martial artists strive to achieve ‘peace and harmony’. 
At the end of the day, martial artist also human being. There is limit to what we will endure, as long as our life or our love one is not in danger, we will not engage in a fight. Fighting is the last resource with no other way out. Just like why develop nuclear weapons if not going to use them. By having nuclear weapons, does not mean you have to use them. There are many ways in life you can avoid a fight. 
MMA was evolve from TMA, if you think MMA is lethal what happen when you truly understand TMA. I have been in martial arts for over 20 years and I realized I am only scratch the surface. 

In chinese character Wu (Martial) = Peace
Because Wu can be break it down into 3 words ‘stop the weapons’

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