No time to do exercise! How to improve your flexibility?

We all heard of no time to do exercise, if you don’t have time you make time. No matter how busy we are we still make time to eat, to drink and to go to the toilet. If you can do that why can’t you arrange some time for exercise. Even 5 mins of stretching everyday is good for you. The bottom line is do you really want to improve your fitness. If you do you have to do something you can’t just sit there and get fit.  

If you running like a headless chicken busy all the time, you might think you are working hard. Successful person have time to do whatever they like in their life, not because they have more time but because they are good at time management. So they can utilize their time more effectively and effeciently. 

By having strong mind is not enough, strong mind need a strong body to live in. When you learnt to let go in life, you will find peace and harmony within you. Once you have peace within yourself you can find peace around you. 

Having a healthy mind and body will improve your concentration and productivity. No matter what exercise you choose to do you need to enjoy doing it. Otherwise you are not getting full package for what you put in. 

Kung Fu is great for full body workout, both phyciscally and mentally. Kung Fu practictioners come in all shape and sizes, no one is too young or too old, too weak or too strong, too short or too tall. Important is one step at a time, learn to be patience and train in your own pace, doing exercise is to get fit, not to get injury. It is important to do with the right techniques otherwise you will do more harm than good. Each and everyone of our bodies are unique in shape, size and flexibility. When you execute a stretch or a strike extend your body fully as you comfortably can today. When you repeat the same movement tomorrow you will find it became a bit easier and you can extend a little bit further, day after day of stretching you will naturally feel your flexibility, balance, strength are improving.

So no more excuse for not doing any exercises! Kung Fu streching can be perform anywhere anytime without any equipments, all you need is your own body weight and the right mind set to do it everyday in order to see the benefits. 

Over the years, I had train many people from all shape and sizes. One common thing is they all see benefits not just in fitness but also in their daily life, at work and at home. All because they have more positive energy!

Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu style and Bando Kick boxing (Lethwei).